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The Latest Fashion Trends

Currently, there are certain trends circulating that you need to jump on in order to keep your wardrobe updated. If you’re interested in incorporating items from the ultimate fashion hit list to your closet, then it’s important to keep a close eye on current fashion news and see what’s popular.

Right now, there are specific items that are on the fashion hit list that you have to get, and if you haven’t been keeping up with retail news, then you probably wouldn’t have heard of the latest trends yet. Since the turn of the century, shoes, accessories, sunglasses, purses, jeans, and shirts have all changed.

Wedge shoes are all-the-rage right now, according to retail news, and getting a pair of wooden wedges is a perfect addition to your wardrobe, especially since you can wear them well with skinny jeans.

Getting dark-rinse skinny jeans will make all of your old tops look like they’re new. If you’re getting sunglasses, then get ones with large eyepieces and thin frames. Brown colors have actually become more popular for sunglasses now. It’s trendy to have larger purses now, so the bigger you get the better.

Designer initials are a huge plus, as they really add status to your purse. Longer, more beady necklaces are also in style. Since more bulky things are in style, the best way to complement that is by having a more feminine, ruffled blouse. It goes with skirts, jeans, and all types of shoes. Longer necklaces look good with it. A good shirt, according to the latest fashion news, can be the focal point of any outfit.

While it’s challenging to keep up with the latest trends and¬†fashion news, it’s important to have each item on the fashion hit list to make sure your wardrobe looks spiffy and updated.

Usually, every five to seven years, there will be certain items that gain wide popularity, and it’s important to have a variation of each in your closet. It’s an easy way to update your wardrobe without buying an entirely new one. You’ll save money and look like you’re keeping up with the latest retail news. A few well-chosen pieces can do wonders for your style and can turn you from Cinderella the servant to Cinderella the princess. Don’t mourn your current wardrobe and don’t replace it completely; all you need to do is purchase items from the ultimate fashion hit list.

Toddler Fashion Pieces For Summer

When the weather gets hot, it’s time to shed the clothing – well enough of it to feel cool. The same goes for your toddler. They want to feel good also. Here are five of the top toddler fashions that your child must have when summer hits.

1. T-shirts – The great thing about t-shirts is that they can go anywhere and be fashionable. Consider layering for your toddler. It works for both boys and girls. Cover a simple white t-shirt with a baby doll top for toddler girls. Young boys can wear a brighter colored t-shirt over their white one for cooler mornings. When the temperature rises, shed the over shirt and simply sport the t-shirt. Choose good quality cotton t-shirts that can stand up to several washings without becoming threadbare. Introduce your kids to the vintage screen print you enjoyed as a kid like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Harley Davidson. Parents like to adorn their toddlers in shirts with cute sayings like “Little Princess” or “Dad’s Number One Guy.” Choose fun colors like blue, hot pink and sunny yellow.

2. Shorts – We are referring to corded shorts in particular. Older boys like them and your toddler boy wants to be as much in fashion as they do. Corded shorts are long enough for your toddler to have the majority of their legs covered when playing in the sun but also loose fitting so that air can circulate and keep him cool. These shorts come in solids and surfer dude designs.

3. Sundresses – What little girl wouldn’t look cute in a pink or floral sundress? For toddler girls, they can sport the spaghetti straps when you are out for a day in the park or on vacation at the beach. For an evening out to dinner, your toddler will look great in a short sleeve sundress. It is dressy and keeps her shoulders from feeling cold.

4. Jacket – Even in the summer, there are cooler nights when a jacket would make a perfect addition to your toddler’s wardrobe. Coordinate their jacket with their outfit. That means having at least a jean jacket and a cotton one available.

5. Capri pants – These are equivalent to the corded shorts for toddler boys. Toddler girls will remain stylish in these calf length pants. Choose from jean, cotton and polyester blend. Give your little girl a variety of colors and prints to choose from. Many little girls like pink and purple shades. Don’t forget the floral, stripes, acid wash and embroidered prints.

Whenever your toddler leaves the house, make sure that they are dressed to the nines. Here are five fashions your toddler’s wardrobe needs to be complete.

Fashion Runway Hits are Fabulous

I was flipping through this months Elle. There’s some terrific style information in it! Looks like we’ve made it full circle to the 1970s. For some of us we’ll get to relive some of our favourite fashions but there may be some ‘yuck’ in the group too.

Flirty cuts in pretty colors with ruffles and frills are in. Remember the vibrant balloon tops – they are back. As are the wool wrap tops and wool jackets. Super high heels have also made their way back into the picture. Your jewelry selections are wide open for mixing and matching. Big and bold will certainly fit the current trends.

Elle says that these items are runway hits: croppped sweaters in acrylic, cotton, or wool. Satin wrap tops ranging from long sleeves to no sleeves, and asymmetrical skirts.

The skirts are definitely fun and sexy – black is the hotest color, sequens are very popular, and beaded silk is definitely in. Add some sexy earrings or a sparkly necklace and your ready for a night on the town.

Straight leg wool pants are also in, as well as wool jackets with faux fur collars. Chiffon and satin are big and sleeveless cotton knit turtlenecks are ever so in style.

Accessories are bright and bold – hot pink clutches, chintz hand bags, satin and metallic pumps, ballerina flats. Your jewelry can be a mix of bright and bold, and more muted tones. With this years fashions almost anything goes.

Check out the Spring 2005 Elle Runway

Some of Ralph Loren’s Spring Fashions are just terrific and they are fitting for almost everyone. Watch the Ralph Loren Show

Alberta Ferretti has some outlandish and fun pieces this season Alberta Ferretti Show

Alice Roe has some very sexy looks Alice Roe Show
And check out Balenciaga formal or evening fashions – they are to die for! Balenciaga Show

Its a great year to set your own limits and make your own fashion style.

There is certainly something for everyone! You may also want to check out some of the other designers such as Blugirl, Calvin Klein, and Prada.

Striped Dresses

Fashion trends come and go but a major trend that has not lost its charm is striped dresses. Women just love striped dresses. Reason behind this all time favorite women’s fashion trend, once again becoming one of popular Spring 2010 fashion trend, is that it is apt for women of every age and size.

Talking about variety in striped dresses, it’s numerous. Just name it and you’ll find it. One can go for striped tee, striped sweater dress, striped shirt dress or even striped evening wear. Striped tees are best for casual wear. For a formal occasion or party, one can opt stylish striped gown or mini dress.

Three types of stripes are very much in fashion today. These are vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and diagonal stripes. Vertically striped dresses are best for ladies who want to elongate their body. It is apt for plus size women as vertical stripes pose a slimmer look. Ladies who are too slim and would like to go for stripe tee or sweater dress should opt for horizontal stripe, as it will add volume and give a ravishing look as well. Diagonal stripes work well for plus size as well as tall women because diagonal and askew stripes add curves wherever needed, hiding the rest.

Many fashion shows like Bottega Veneta and Givenchy Spring 2010, presented stylish striped dresses. Dresses with stripes can even correct some of the things one is not so proud of. Lot of variety as well as colors are available in striped dresses. One can also go for colorful or nautical striped dress. A black and white striped tee is best for every occasion.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in latest Spring 2010 fashion trend and hit fashion streets. Before choosing a striped dress, keep your body shape in mind as right placement of stripes enhance the body and wrong stripe placement can be a style disaster. So, just choose one that complements your figure and be stylish!