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How Women’s Golf Fashion

When golf first became popular with women in the 1800s, the Victorian Age ruled the earth as well as the golf course. Conventional Victorian fashion of the time had lady golfers dressed like they were going to an afternoon tea. Picture straw bowler hats, skirts that hit the floor, high neck blouses and formal buttoned shoes. These ladies looked more like they might be going to the opera than taking in a game of golf.

The Pain of Fashion

How these women could manage to swing and walk the greens is a mystery to us these days. It’s hard to imagine the scene today. Modern women’s golf fashion combines style and function. How women’s golf fashion has changed over the years can be summed up in practicality. Try wearing a 19th century Victorian dress and your next summer golf outing, and you’ll see what we mean.

Why Not Look Good and be Practical?

A 1922 edition of Vanity Fair showed off a Burberrys Tweed, self belted golf suit for the latest in ladies’ golf fashions. It was the first attempt to really combine the fashion and function that today’s women golfers demand. Who wants to dress in the tweed and wool of the 1920s on a hot day on the golf course?

At the same time, who wants to dress like a man, especially when you consider how bad men’s fashions have been in the sport of golf? Why can’t a woman golfer look good and still be proud of being a woman when she hits the green?

Fashion that Makes Sense

Today’s leading golf designers understand the woman golfer’s need for style and function. Golf is a social game, after all, but it’s also a mobile game. You are out with friends, family and business associates. It’s natural you want to look beautiful with all the privileges of being a lady. At the same time, you’re in the hot sun traversing the golf course green. You’ve got to be practical. Why can’t you have beautiful lady’s golf fashions that also make sense? Why not look good and be practical at the same time?

Summer Beach Fashion

Summer, for many, is season to enjoy holidays. Families, friends, and couples across the country plan summer vacations and getaways. Nobody wants to ruin his/her summer by just sitting at home. So, now it’s time to hit beach in style. Yes, it’s a talk about the beach fashion. From bikinis to shorts, this summer track down hottest summer beach pieces.


Fashion on beach is all about swimwear. These are the most comfortable pieces while you are participating in water sports and activities or sun bath. It is very important to find pieces that work well. Bikinis, Halter tops, Bandini, Triangle tops, and Tankinis are some hottest styles preferred this season for beach fashion. You can also stylize with swimwear accessories like cover ups, flip flops, bags, hats or jewelry.

Beach hat and head scarfs:

Wind, water and sun, all are ready to perform their role this summer. They badly impact our hair and skin. A wide brimmed hat or summer scarf is essential accessory to protect hair and skin from the heat of sun at beach. Colorful floral scarves, worn as fashion accessories, are best way to keep hairs under control and damage free.


Right fit pair of over-sized sunglasses is best option to protect eyes from direct heat of vibrant sunrays. This summer, huge varieties of funky and colorful shades in sunglasses are available. Choose your best fit sunglasses with matching shade. Once you do, make a bold statement among friends.

Cute, comfy sandals, or funky flip flops:

Be sure to have a pair of comfy beach sandals for walking on hot beach surface. You can find variety of cute and funky sandals or flip flops, available at various online stores like Famous Footwear, and Steve Madden. Flip flops matching with your whole attire gives a beautiful feeling while roaming at the beach.

Beach cover ups:

Cover ups are great option for girls who feel little shy to sit on beach in just their swimwear. Cover ups keep you warm out of water and also keep sun and wind away. Moreover, most cover ups are made up of pretty gauzy fabric that won’t let you get over-heated. Just imagine a cute cover up with your cool shorts can give a pretty look on beach.

Purse sized beauty accessories:

Don’t forget your beauty accessories, and also try storing them in a separate zippered compartment or cosmetic case. Sunscreen, shampoo, deodorant, feminine napkins or tampons, face and body moisturizer are some of the essentials for beach trip.

Ankle bracelet and toe ring:

Painted toe nails with ankle bracelet and toe ring, looks very stunning on beach sand. If you like litter summer bling then don’t hesitate to opt for a pretty bracelet with beautiful bells.

Hair accessories, oversized zippered bag, beautiful funny and floaty dresses are some other fashion accessories you can choose from. There are many ways to keep looking chic and sleek even on hottest summer days. Whatever fashion accessory you choose, just remember protection should be at the first place. Always choose beach-friendly fabrics like cotton and gear up yourself with all beach essentials. So, on this summer, hit the beach in style with fashionable attire.

Post-Holiday Budget Crunch Fashion

You might have realized by now that the winter holiday season is not for the faint of wallet. Between food, drinks and supplies for hosting holiday parties, gift-giving, and shopping for party outfits and cold weather gear, these holidays can outstretch the finances of even the wealthiest of merrymakers. That’s why this New Year’s season, we reached out to thin-pocketed fashion college students who are awfully good at making a little bit of cash really last. Luckily, we ended up with some great tips on how to hang on to your dollar bills in the early days of 2013 by hitting the thrift stores and being smart about what you buy.

1. Not all thrift shopping is created equally. If your post-holiday budget is stretched extremely tight, it’s important to dismiss the common misconception that all secondhand clothes shopping is inexpensive. For those of you that live in bigger cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, you will definitely have noticed by now that it majorly depends where you go looking if you are truly trying to find a bargain. In order to keep it extra thrifty this January, avoid smaller vintage boutiques where the staff hand-selects all of their merchandise. Instead, hit up bigger thrift warehouses like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Sure, these places might require a little bit more time digging around to find your special treasures, but the prices are so cheap, it will be well worth the extra time.

2. Try everything but do NOT buy everything. Start your second semester of the school year at fashion colleges with a sleek and stylish late winter look. In order to accomplish this look, a great strategy is to combine any clothes (sweaters, boots, scarves, etc… ) you might have collected over Christmas and Hannukah from various gifts with some special, new thrift shop finds. Even at a super cheap second-hand clothing emporium, experienced shoppers often report that they still rack up quite a bill just off of the sheer temptation to buy too much stuff because of the reasonable prices. Avoid this temptation! Careful shoppers know that a few unique thrift accents can take your wardrobe a long way. No need to buy everything!

3. Look for unique, one-of-a-kind stuff. Most young fashion designers or designers in training at fashion schools recognize the importance of individual style. That being said, almost anybody (designer or not) would feel mortified if they walked into school, work or any other event and they were wearing the same outfit as somebody else!

Thrift shopping comes in handy in a major way when it comes to keeping one’s wardrobe selections unique. Think about it this way: There is a much higher chance of dressing like somebody else if you stick to shopping only at major retail chains like H&M or The Gap. The trick is to hit up secondhand or vintage stores and hone in on whatever really unique clothing or accessories you find that speak to you. There is much less of a likelihood that the store you are at will even have more than one of whatever item you like in stock, so you can pretty much always go home knowing that nobody else around will be rocking that same look. This way you can be careful about money AND promote your individual style.

Fall and Winter Fashion Trends

For those who want to be on top of this fall and winter’s fashion trend, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the following three fashion movements. They are the Victorian Charm, Sophisticated Classic, and Military Style. They’re also our main focus for the upcoming seasons. These trendy fashions have been previewed on the runways of Milan, London, Paris and New York City by some of the most famous and popular designers of our generation.

Sophisticated Classic

The gratuitous use of velvet and suede, two of the most elegant and stylish materials created, gives the Sophisticated Classic collection its charm. These materials are particularly popular on coats and business suits. Dark purple and dark blue are the prevailing colors of choice by clothing designers who use them to set a classy and romantic tone. To add a more dazzling attitude, designers like John Galliano include a touch of bright yellow in his dark blue collections. This intense color contrast creates a fabulous and stunning effect. A brightly colored handbag can also give you the same alluring effect throughout the fall and winter. In addition, lime green, remains a very popular color for the upcoming seasons and can be the perfect accent accessory.

Victorian Charm

Lace, the focal point of in this design, is widely used by many popular designers. For the “Victorian Charm” effect, silk floral laces are used in abundance to embellish the neckband and the sleeve cuff on for dresses and blouses. Mixing and matching is the key to wearing laces. In this season, designers will match lace blouses and dresses with cowboy jackets, military coats, leather caps and jeans. Mixing and matching adds a playful and casual touch and it also preserves the glamour of the Victorian era.

Military Style

Although the military style was already popular on last fall season, it is still a big hit this coming fall. However, designers this year are trying even harder to reduce the cold military feeling. For example, in Burberry Prorsum collections, you see military style coats that come with simple metal buckles and smaller collars. You will find this fall season’s military style collections are more feminine than those you saw last year. One thing to notice, buckle on jeans seems to be a big hit in the world of fashion this fall.

Fashion Modes To Follow

Style is synonymous with exotic looks that pop out magnificently. Summer season is all about juggling with striking colors with hippie chic accessories. The current summer 2014 fashion trends showcase the hottest looks from the biggest names of the global fashion industry. One can’t resist the cuts and shades brilliantly matched and crafted for a stunning summery look.

Good news:

Do you know that most of the designer outfits, bags, shoes can be within our reach? The diverse online shopping modes are free from hassles. You just have to log in to capture this exciting experience of discount shopping. It is time to revamp your wardrobe for a summery gala.

Decades back it was hard to afford any designer stuff and one had to stick to street shopping due to restricted budget. Now coupons are offered with up to 50% off on designer labels at ASOS and Nordstrom. So what are you waiting on?

One thing to do before cracking is to spot the essentials of a desired look. Indeed, when it comes to investing, better focus on timeless pieces: a coat with a beautiful cut, pumps, a glittery top, a gorgeous leather bag plus bejeweled trinkets to create a magic spell.

How many of us think of avoiding fashion bombs? To avoid fashion blunders, follow the simple guide to survive in the jungle of fashion fraternity. Look for hot new trends and get rid of the old t-shirt that you carry with shapeless jeans.

Are you tired of that typical hipster look? Want to try a look that creates a “style statement”? You can now pick a perfectly plain white t-shirt with sneakers in flashy colors and clutch it with jewels or embellishments of your choice.

Who are the style icons?

Style icons are those who never expect their aesthetic dressing to be a grand hit, but rely on quickly refining the look their way. This is actually pretty classy. Pick these flamboyant possessions and create a “style statement” of all time. Forget the baggy stuff, revive it with a little grunge and classic 90s look. You can look online and go through fashion blogs for more shots to charm this summer.

Flattering picks for summer:

Follow the latest trend, entering the cycle of trendy clothes. Rethink your wardrobe and focus on conventional street looks for a day out. Dressing for night out or an evening cocktail party- the short black dress stuns!

Metallic fever goes viral:

Fashion is cyclical to some extent, so please do not hesitate away from the opportunities that crop up. Metallic colors are a good example. Dress up in gold embellished tops, a pencil skirt with black peep toes. A strong attraction for transparency is observed with misty cuts and lace motifs. So what are you waiting for?

Summer essential pants:

Every wardrobe should contain a pair of textured black pants that is always chic and paired up with silk blouse or elegant knitwear; perfect for all seasons.

The crop top:

An absolute summer hit of this season is the ‘crop top’ look. It has been walking all the way of red carpet looks plus the casual street style. Let’s face it, high cut short a few inches above the navel are not easy to wear trend.

The black boot:

Rock and chic accessory par excellence, we all love a nice pair of black leather boots. You can wear it with a ruffled short skirt or with any vibrant skinny pants.

The jewel bag:

Hanging on our arms, the bag is the object of desire! For evenings of the holiday season, a bag is an ideal accessory that goes for a pretty look. The hippest jewel bags are available at affordable prices now. Clutch bag is pretty ‘in’ for a formal or wedding look.

Chic neck charms:

You will have to indubitably fall in love with the bib necklaces along with the chunky semi-stone statement trinkets for ideal summer finesse. The hot summer aqua hue brightens every look and gives a touch of whimsy.

Fashion favorite is denim:

Ultra versatile denim with cropped tops look good at all times. It builds on a street look with jeans to be paired for every day. Pair your denim with any casual top, colorful accessories, a belt and sneakers to end up looking wonderful any day!