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Useful Hiking Tips For Your Next Gospel Hike

Hiking is one of the most excellent low-impact workouts that can be used to reach out to others to follow Jesus. Hiking has numerous physical and mental benefits and can help in reducing anxiety and preventing osteoporosis. Being an outdoor activity, hiking comes with more benefits than just being fun and scenic. If you are planning to raise awareness of the gospel and have more people considering following Jesus, consider these tips, which will make your next hike for Jesus successful and rewarding.

The most important step when preparing for a hike is to familiarize yourself with the trail. Once you have made a choice of a trail to follow, the next important step is to get a map of the hiking area and gather all the available reports and data. There are many online resources available that enable you to get an idea of what to expect when you are on the trail. Get to know if the trail is a loop if you might have to backtrack or even spot a second vehicle. You need to take note of all intersecting trails where you may make a wrong turn to take necessary precautions. You might want to look for a good lunch spot, probably a peak or a lake with a beautiful view.

The other important tip when preparing for a hike for Jesus is to check the weather. A few days and hours before and after the hike needs to be seriously considered. This way, you can get valuable information on what you should carry and how to dress. If the weather is expected to be undesirable, you will have the chance to change your hiking plans and avoid surprises on the hiking trail.

Let someone know where you will be at any given time. It is crucial that you inform someone, not on the hike about your itinerary and the time to get concerned and call for help. However, you need to give allowance to incidences of slow hiking, sore ankle, and breath-taking views, which might cause a delay because they are quite common. You should also consider carrying an emergency device like the SPOT tracker so that in case you need help, you can easily summon emergency assistance through satellite.

There is a number of essentials you should carry with you when going for a hike for Jesus. This is a combination of items and systems that you should pack to stay safe while outdoors, including the possibility of overnight. Based on the remoteness and length of your hike, you should either minimize or expand your essentials. For instance, if you are going for a shorter hike, you might need a compact emergency blanket, but if you are going on a remote winter hike, you will need a more extensive package. These are some of the hiking essentials you should take with you: sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen), insulation (extra clothing), navigation (map and compass), headlamp/flashlight, fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candle), repair kit and tools, extra food, first-aid supplies, extra water and emergency shelter (tent/plastic tube tent/garbage bag).

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