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What is a Demand Response Program?

If you are looking for a mean to reduce your electricity bills, and that you are a customer of business electricity that is regularly consuming high volume of electricity, then it will be wise to take advantage of demand response program. There are so many electricity suppliers that do offer these programs to provide incentives to bigger clients to be able to cut back on the usage of their electricity particularly on peak electricity demand.

In fact, one of the typical demand response program known is the CPP or Critical Peak Pricing. In response to the high electricity rates throughout few critical peak periods, business customers are offered with cheaper electricity rates for most part of the year when it comes to this program. These critical peak periods are usually on hot summer afternoons when countless clients use and operate their ACs and are typically declared a day ahead in the response to be able to forecast high temperature for the following day. In case that businesses could reduce their electric consumption for a number of hours of critical peak periods, then taking advantage of critical peak pricing program may be the best chance to enjoy cheap electric bill.

Also another kind of demand program is the demand bidding program where the business will be bidding a certain amount of electricity demand which states that it is going to give up on peak demand period. These periods are typically declared as well one day ahead. Even though some of it may be declared on actual event. For this program, the business will be receiving bill credit assuming that they’ve met some or all bid in reducing electricity demand. However, they’ll be penalized if they fail to reduce their electricity use. This program may be more encouraging as well to businesses that seek options of saving money to their electric bill by means of reducing demand throughout peak periods. Once again, if you cannot reduce demand in several periods, then you may likely pay large sum of money.

As a matter of fact, it would all depend to your electric provider as you may likely have several other demand response programs that may be applicable to your business. Actually, some of the common themes for this kind of program is, they can give rewards for reduced electric demand that you’re consuming particularly throughout the peak hours. Now, in the event that your business can do these things, then there is a big possibility that you will not just be able to find demand response program that can help you to save money but also, save on your monthly bill.

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