Design Basics: Ways to Produce Custom-Made Printed T-Shirts

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  • The procedure relies on a fine-meshed screen, inks, and squeegee to print a graphic image towards the t shirt printing
  • There may be several screens used, subject to lay out details
  • The more shade needed and more complicated the style and design are, the greater screens are needed
  • This happens considering that the way is capable of only use one tone at a time
  • Principal advantages of screen-printed t-shirts are its striking and long-lasting colorings
  • When compared with other sorts of printing approaches, creations created will not lose color quickly
  • This happens to see that ink tones end up in materials’ fibers completely, rendering it durable

When the color separation is done, either by doing them manually or using a high-quality Photoshop Plugin / Action to create, it’s vital that you delete the RGB Channels as well as any color channel not required for film output. It’s also far better to alter the name of the Black Channel to “Black Ink” or something like that aside from “Black”. This will help to avoid confusion with process black when the DCS 2.0 file is placed within Adobe Illustrator.