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Reasons why Weed Smokers Experience Personal High

Most people embrace the use of cannabis as a recreational drug. The major reason why weed is greatly used is due to its high effect. Getting high in cannabis a user is not instant rather you have to undergo different stages. People will also get high in a different way whenever they use weed. Despite it being fun, cannabis use can also cause personal high effects that can make the user paranoid, anxious and worried. You should not get into weed consumption before you get the insights on the causes of personal high.

You will experience a personal high feeling based on the method you use to consume weed. It takes longer to experience the effects of cannabis consumed through the edible form. As compared to other forms of cannabis, edible cannabis will however cause long-lasting high effects. Vape pens and dabs will, on the other hand, cause a high effect that is difficult to deal with more so if you are a starter. It is therefore good to understand the personal high involved with different consumption methods before getting into weed.

Additionally, the dosage of cannabis you take can have an impact on personal high. As a starter, determining the right dosage of cannabis to start with can be challenging. In order to avoid bad personal high effects, you need to start with a low cannabis dosage.

You can as well have a different reaction after taking weed based on your tolerance. The experience you have in using cannabis is what entails your tolerance. Tolerance should be tested by starting with small dosages. By increasing your cannabis doses with time, you will be in a position to determine your tolerance rate.

Your personal high can also be because of the setting in which you use cannabis. It is important as a newbie to take cannabis in a safe place where you can easily get help or reassurance.

Personal high can also be a result of the type of cannabis you take. There are varying cannabis types and their use will be determined by your experience and personality. It is good to avoid the sativa dominant strain in case you suffer from anxiety. You can on the other hand opt for CBD instead of THC if you are looking forward to get rid of hangover. You should therefore know the feeling you want to get before consuming cannabis.

You might have a different feeling from others when you take cannabis based on the diet you take before. You will experience adverse high effects if you consume cannabis on an empty stomach more so as a newbie.

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